Friday, 10 February 2012

Another Great $0.99 Book: Violets are Blue by Carrie Green

Here's another great bargain e-book for the weekend: Violets are Blue by Carrie Green.  It's currently $0.99 over at Amazon.  Why not check it out?

VIOLETS ARE BLUE, A Novella (Book 2 of the New Blood Trilogy)

***TeaserTrain Special Pricing, only 99 cents, grab it before it returns to $2.99!***

Newly-wed Sarah was delighted to move in with her mother-in-law, Martha, a widower who had raised her son, by herself, on an isolated Midwest farm.

A kid from a broken home who had been raised in a group house in Chicago, Sarah had struggled to put herself through college on scholarships.  She considered herself to be self-reliant and willing to work hard for her dreams.  She wanted only one thing, a real family.  Todd was the love of her life, so that she was sure that she'd love Martha, too.

It never occurred to Sarah that Martha would see her as competition, to be eliminated.

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