Friday, 24 February 2012

Don't Forget our FREE ADVERTISING Options

We currently have four advertising options available (no porn or erotica please):

1) Free Book Find (for permanently or temporarily free books)
2) 99 Cent Book (for permanently or temporarily 99 cent books)
3) Bargain Deal (for books over $0.99 but under $4.99--either permanently or temporarily)

For these first three options, advertising entails posting of the cover image, book blurb and purchase links as well as the title's currently listed price on the Flurries of Words' daily blog feed. The blogs are archived so you will still be able to reference it after the advertising date has passed. For temporary pricing, the effective dates of the price changes will also be listed.  There are several slots available for each option on any given day.

In addition to the above-listed features, BOOK OF THE DAY also includes: Author Bio (including photo), Listing of Author's other available works (with purchase links for each), 1-3 reviewer comments. In addition to being posted as part of the daily blog, BOOK OF THE DAY is also highlighted in a specially dedicated sidebar section of the blog. This post remains up for 24 hours and is also archived on a separate page.

If you are interested in one of these options, please provide us with all of the above listed (title, blurb, URL, cover, pricing) information or Specific dates can be booked on a first come basis. 

Again, ALL advertising option are available for FREE.

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