Sunday, 26 February 2012

FREE BOOK FIND: The Loss of Sunlight by Lia Black

Free today over at Amazon is the Kindle edition of The Loss of Sunlight by Lia Black (click here for UK purchasing). Why not check out this paranormal romance before it returns to full price?

Sylvie believes she is the perfect modern image of a southern belle. She has a fabulous boyfriend, fashionable career aspirations and everyone is always so eager to help her when she runs into a problem. But her problems were never quite as bad as dying before, and now her biggest problem is trying to keep Aidan Pope, a devilishly handsome man--who insists on calling her by another woman’s name--from ruining her perfect life.

Aidan is convinced that Sylvie is a woman born between heaven and hell who can save three worlds from a war that is inevitable in a reality where angels kill and demons can be compassionate. 

As Sylvie begins to discover the truth of her origins, she comes to the understanding that she can never have the life she thought she wanted, her days of being a pampered princess are numbered, and she must develop her power enough to defeat her aunt, the devil incarnate, and a woman with whom Aidan may still be in love.

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