Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Free TODAY: Shock Totem 1 (Curious Tales of the Macbre and Twisted)

FREE TODAY as part of a week-long promotion is Shock Totem 1 (Curious Tales of the Macbre and Twisted).  Check it out!


The debut issue of Shock Totem features an eclectic mix of dark fiction from T.L. Morganfield, David Niall Wilson, Jennifer Pelland, Kurt Newton, Don D'Ammassa, Mercedes M. Yardley, and more. Also conversations with William Ollie, Alan Robert (Life of Agony, Spoiler NYC), and the legendary John Skipp.

"Shock Totem is an impressive small press publication that is impeccably edited and compiled. There is not one section of the magazine that I didn't like and all of the stories contained within its pages truly impressed and entertained me. You can tell that it is made by horror fans for horror fans!" --Sarah Jahier, Fatally Yours

"Shock Totem deserves a warm reception by its neighbors in horror's colony. New blood, especially tasty new blood, is good news for us all." --Sheila Merritt, Hellnotes

"Horror fiction magazines are a dime a dozen, and I avoid most of them because I'm rarely impressed by their often amateurish outings. Judging by its debut issue, Shock Totem: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted is something different..." --Rod Lott, Bookgasm

"Shock Totem #1 is a great debut. I thoroughly enjoyed the magazine from cover to cover and I can't wait for the second issue to come out. If the team behind the magazine can keep the quality this consistently high from issue to issue then horror fans the world over should rejoice." --Brian M. Sammons, Horrorworld

"I foresee Shock Totem becoming the next Cemetery Dance--a magazine that readers wait for with baited breath and eager writers salivate to get their stuff into." --Nickolas Cook, The Black Glove


  1. Issue #1 was free yesterday. Issue #2 is free today, #3 tomorrow, and so on...


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