Friday, 10 February 2012

Two More Great $0.99 Books: Implicated and City of Champions

Another set of $0.99 Kindle edition recommendations from Amazon.  Why not take a look?

Implicated by Peter Michael Rosenberg

Erdogan Denizli cleans up the messes other people make of their lives. Not their dirty houses or their dirty clothes – no, Erdogan gets a call when a bathroom is sprayed with arterial blood after a shamed pervert cuts his own throat, after a home-invasion-gone-wrong leaves bits of brain ground into the carpet, or when an undiscovered death drips putrefying body fluids into the apartment below. He’s a crime scene cleaner in Ventura County, California and after forensics have done their job, he gets to work…

It’s not his job to feel the pain of those left behind, or to feel sadness at a wasted and unmourned life, but he does. He can’t help it. But he doesn’t get involved; he can’t afford to – he can’t risk dredging up the shadows of his own past. But when, on a routine crime scene clean-up, he finds a piece of overlooked evidence, evidence that implicates the cops in an assassins-for-hire conspiracy, he can’t look the other way, because now his own life’s in danger. But who do you turn to for help when it’s the cops that want you dead?

Implicated is a contemporary but noirish thriller with a “cast of characters straight out of an Elmore Leonard novel”: Valerie, the femme fatale who wants to nail the cops who killed her husband… Maxim, the Azerbaijani mobster who wants in on a little bit of the American Dream … ill-fated Sammy the Schmuck with his penchant for other people’s lives (and other people’s money). And Brad and Mikey, the cops who’ve long since thrown “Serve and Protect” out the window.

City of Champions by Daniel Stanton

Morgan Cole is a man with a dark history involving the U.S. Special Forces and covert military operations. He has returned home to the South Shore of Massachusetts to be near the only family he has left, his older brother Nathan. Working as a private investigator with a woman he truly cares for and spending time with his brother, he finally feels a sense of normalcy in his life that he never imagined possible. When Nathan is found brutally murdered Morgan sets out to find the people responsible and avenge his brother's death. 

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for this fast-paced, action-packed story of murder, betrayal, revenge and how one man serves up an outlaw style of justice.

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