Friday, 6 July 2012

BOOK OF THE DAY: Jack Walters And The Not So Ordinary Day by R.D. Bramstone

Jack Walters is just your regular ordinary 13 year old kid who loves reading comic books who is easily bored with life. "Why is every day so boring?" he would often say. 

"Jack Walters And The Not So Ordinary Day" is part 1 of the Jack Walters series of books. This book reveals one particular day that is not quite so ordinary. Something rather magical is about to happen. Something special.

When Jack sees a strange light glowing from the cupboard under the stairs what unfolds next marks the beginning of something very strange.

Together with the help of his friend Stuart Middlemiss, Jack ends up on a magical journey that unravels a few of the mysteries of the past few years. Find out why Jack had to try and find his mum, and why all was not as it seemed.

Join Jack as he ventures on an incredible journey where magic becomes a reality.

"This is an excellent book to get the imagination going for any kids. My grandson was fascinated with Jack's venture into a not so ordinary unknown world. It kept him occupied for a long time and after he was finished reading it I promised to read it with him again so we could talk about the magic of this book."  FIVE STARS

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