Wednesday, 26 December 2012

FLASH FICTION AT FIVE: BELOVED: Dead War Series Flash Fiction By George L. Cook III

Grover  looked  on  as  the  naked  female  zombie  gnawed on the leg bone of her latest victim. Blood covered her entire body. Well what was left of it any way. Her abdomen had been ripped out and her entrails lay on the floor before her. One of her eyes had been torn out and her lips had been chewed off.

Grover sat quietly in the corner as the zombie soon realized that there was no more
 to eat. She looked over at Grover. She shrieked and lunged at him. The chain around her neck yanked her back to the floor.

Grover had long ago
 chained her there. She reached out towards him moaning softly.

Grover smiled. “ Still hungry beloved?”

The zombie moaned loudly and began yanking on the chain.

Grover stood up and put on the poor boy style hat he had been holding in his hands.
“ I’ll go get you something else to eat.”

The zombie calmed down and sat as if it were a dog.

Grover looked at her lovingly. “ Till death do us part.”

He turned from her as tears rolled down her face. He started toward the door to get
 more “food” for his beloved.


George Cook

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