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FREE BOOK FIND: Yoga For Beginners by Amy Gilchrist

FREE to download TODAY is Yoga For Beginners: Essential Poses For Yoga Beginners - Become A Yoga Expert With The Best Yoga Poses For Flexibility   by Amy Gilchrist  (Click here for UK Download) .  Why not download it before it goes back to full price?

Yoga For Beginners: Essential Poses For Yoga Beginners Is The Perfect Book For Beginners Trying To Understand Yoga

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Yoga For Beginners: Essential Poses For Yoga Beginners is a book that outlines the basic yoga poses that a novice can try if they have an interest in starting to practice yoga.

The author has made a concerted effort to make everything as simple as possible so that it can easily be understood.

There are many books outlining yoga poses but none is as simple as and easy to understand as this.

The book is alsowell timed as it is being published in a period when persons are seeking various solutions to remain healthy or to get healthy apart from modifying the diet of course.

The book is filled with over thirty illustrations as well as instructions on how to get the poses done. They are all basic poses which would be done in the initial stages of practicing yoga.

Before you move on to the intermediate level, the body would be properly conditioned by these poses. Some people may think that they are not very
effective but once they start doing the various poses they start to feel the positive effects.

Yoga is a nice low impact way toexercise and keep fit. The author knows this and conveys this in her book.

Table of Contents
Publishers Notes
Chapter 1- Introduction To Basic Yoga
Chapter 2- Standing Sideways Bending One arm- Konasana
Chapter 3- Sideways Bending Using Both Arms- Konasana 2
Chapter 4- Standing Spinal Twist- Katichakrasana
Chapter 5- Standing Forward Bend- HastapadasanaChapter 6- Standing Backward Bend- Ardha Chakrasana

Chapter 7- Triangle Pose- Trikonasana
Chapter 8- Warrior Pose- Veerabhadrasana or Virabhadrasana
Chapter 9- Standing Forward Bend with Feet Apart- Parsarita Padotanasana
Standing Forward Bend with Feet Apart- Parsarita Padotanasana
Chapter 10- Tree Pose- Vrikshasana
Chapter 11- Chair Pose-Utkatasana

Chapter 12- One-Legged Forward Bend- Janu Shirasasana
Chapter 13- Two-Legged Forward Bend-Paschimottanasana
Chapter 14- Inclined Plane- Poorvottanasana
Chapter 15- Sitting Half Spinal Twist- Ardha Matsyendrasana
Chapter 16- Butterfly Pose- Badhakonasana
Chapter 17- Cat Stretch- Marjariasana

Chapter 18- Child Pose-Shishu Asana
Chapter 19- Mill Churning Pose- Chakki Chalanasana
Chapter 20- Bow Pose- Dhanurasana
Chapter 21- Cobra Pose- Bhujangasana
Chapter 22- Superman Pose- Viparita Shalabhasana
Chapter 23- Locust Pose-Shalabasana
Chapter 24- Boat Pose- Naukasana

Chapter 25- Bridge Pose- Setubandhasana
Chapter 26- Fish Pose-Matsyasana
Chapter 27- Wind-Relieving Pose- Pavanamuktasana
Chapter 28- Shoulder Stand- Sarvangasana
Chapter 29- PlowPose- Halasana

Chapter 30- Lying-Down Body Twist- Chakrasana
Chapter 31- Lying-Down On Sides- Vishnu Asana
Chapter 32-Corpse Pose-Shavasana

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