Sunday, 23 June 2013

BARGAIN BOOK: Jack and The Shark by MaSSiMo

We are happy to announce as a BARGAIN BOOK: Shark Books for Kids, "Jack and The Shark," Shark Picture Book and Shark Tale - In Stunning HD FIRE Quality Colour  by MaSSiMo (Click here for UK purchase).  Why not grab a copy of this today?

Shark Books, enjoy 47 StunningFULL HD Quality Shark Picture Book! Just made for The Kindle Fire or iPad and a Fantastic Shark Tale.

If your family like's Shark Books for Kids, Shark Wars, Shark Book Titles and more adventures through dreaming worlds including Shark Facts, Shark Pictures and great life lessons for kids? Then sink your Shark Teeth into a little Shark Bait for your family and join the many people have downloaded and enjoyed Jack and The Shark, voted Best Shark Book for Kids and has great Shark Book Reviews, a Sharkbite of a book.

Curious Kids Books has just released the latest new Shark Tale children's book, Jack and The Shark by sometimes, Amazon best selling author MaSSiMo.  Depending upon the vagaries of the Amazon Algorithm and  the Mysteries of The Lost Keywords?

As ever, there are valuable life lessons woven into another one of his engrossing short stories for kids about the methods Jack uses to deal with his Shark Wars and how, with a little help from his father, he goes on Shark Watch, stays out of the Shark Teeth and finally gains victory.
Jack and The Shark is a Shark Book for Kids, written with children ages 4 - 8 in mind, or would be a Shark Book for 5 Year Old.  In his latest children's bedtime story, MaSSiMo combines some Shark PicturesShark Facts and Shark Book Fiction in this slightly Scary Story. While at the same time wrapping these valuable life's lessons in another of his entertaining and educational bedtime stories, told with an honest simplicity kids can understand and relate to.

MalkieM Curious Kids Books Media

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