Sunday, 10 August 2014

BARGAIN BOOK: The Complete Wardstone Trilogy by M.R. Mathias

We are happy to announce as a LIMITED TIME BARGAIN BOOK: The Complete Wardstone Trilogy by M.R. Mathias (Click for UK AustraliaCanada or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy today?

From the Author:
It has taken me several years and a lot of sleepless nights to complete this grand work. I hope you like reading this omnibus version of The Wardstone Trilogy as much as I enjoyed bringing it to fruition. You may see some of these characters and places again, but Wardstone has always been intended to remain a trilogy. Without further adieu, please enjoy the HUGE free sample of book one.
Enjoy the journey, M.R. Mathias

This kindle download contains:
Book One - The Sword and the Dragon
Book Two - Kings, Queens, Heroes, and Fools
Book Three - The Wizard and the Warlord

Praise for The Sword and the Dragon - Book One of The Wardstone Trilogy:

Deemed one of the top 10 indie Fantasy releases of 2010 by Fantasy Book Critic, and listed in the first ever Publishers Weekly Indie Select issue, this 235k word epic title was originally written in longhand in a Texas prison cell by M. R. Mathias. - Digital Wizard

Overall The Sword and the Dragon (A+) is an impressive debut - a traditional fantasy that manages to be fresh. It succeeds in offering a complete reading experience. See the full review here: --Fantasy Book Critic

Fans of Tolkien and CS Lewis will find much to enjoy to enjoy in M.R. Mathias' debut fantasy novel. This is a big book, with a steady flow throughout. Read this book. Take up your sword and get ready for a hugely enjoyable adventure. --Book Smart UK 

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