Tuesday, 30 September 2014

99 CENT BOOK FIND: EDYL -- Island of Immortality by Mark Capell

Available for JUST 99 CENTS is EDYL - Island of Immortality by Mark Capell  (Click for UKAustraliaCanada and India purchase).  Why not grab a copy today?


It’s 2117 and the government has stopped reading your emails. It now reads your mind… 

Every year, WOCO (the world government) nominates people to compete in the Edyl Olympiad. The prize? Immortality, and the right to live in the only place left in the world where the sun still shines — Edyl Island. But the competitors are being watched by a secret government division called The Reading Department to see if they’re worthy of that prize.  
R77K is a thought reader on his first Edyl assignment. He has three targets: a rock singer, an athlete, and a mechanic. But one of them also moonlights as a contract killer. Why would a contract killer be nominated for immortality?
All is not well in paradise.

The deeper R77K delves into the minds of his targets, the closer he gets to them…and to the hidden agenda behind the nominations. Edyl is a festering world of lies,corruption and strife, but defying WOCO means fighting off attacks from other thought readers, means giving up any last chance of his own immortality.

Will he pay that price to save the nominees? And join the cause to put the world to rights? 

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