Monday, 26 October 2015

BARGAIN BOOK: Kurinji Flowers by Clare Flynn

Now available as a BARGAIN BOOK is Kurinji Flowers by Clare Flynn (Click for UK AustraliaCanada or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy TODAY?

A gripping story of love and loss in British colonial India.

It is 1936. Ginny Dunbar, an 18-year-old debutante, has been exploited for years by a charismatic, older man and is under the thumb of a well-meaning but bossy mother. When she is caught up in a scandal, her marriage prospects are ruined - until a new start on a tea plantation in India offers another chance to find love and happiness.

But Ginny’s own inner demons, her new husband’s expectations, the shallow, lifestyle of the expatriate British community and her mother-in-law’s bullying conspire to sour her dreams of happiness.

When Ginny meets Jagadish Mistry, she’s forced to question her own prejudices about India and its people ”" until the outbreak of war changes everything.

Set in the beautiful tea growing uplands of British colonial India during World War II and the struggle for independence, Kurinji Flowers traces a young woman’s journey through loss, loneliness, hope, and betrayal to unexpected love and self-discovery.

A wartime romance and a story of interracial love that will keep you up all night.

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