Friday, 27 November 2015

99 CENT BOOK FIND: The Heart's Journey Home by Nikki Jackson

Available for JUST 99 CENTS is The Heart's Journey Home: California Blend Summer Vacation by Nikki Jackson  (Click for UK , Australia, Canada or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy before it goes back to full price?

As if being seventeen isn’t hard enough, Tori Logan faces an especially difficult set of circumstances. Her mother died when she was young, leaving Tori with a father whose idea of parenting seems to include trying to buy her love with expensive toys…and leaving Tori with his live-in girlfriend, Rachael, while he goes off on adventures.

Thankfully, Tori can take care of herself. She knows exactly who she is and what she wants to do with her life. Her Lakota Sioux grandfather, a former Navy SEAL, trained Tori in self-defense from a young age. Now, as a teenager, Tori excels at mixed martial arts, even participating in a government program that will train her to become a serial killer profiler—her dream job.

With her two best friends at her side, Tori believes she can handle anything. And with summer vacation stretching before them, the trio plans to find plenty of adventure.

But while Tori is determined to be independent, life has other plans for this fierce young teen, and they include coming to grips with some hard—and surprising—truths about both her past and her future.

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