Monday, 2 November 2015

BARGAIN BOOK: Malicious by James Raven

Now available as a BARGAIN BOOK is MALICIOUS by James Raven (Click for UKAustraliaCanada or India download). Why not grab a copy now?

He calls himself the Slave Master. He spies on women through their computer webcams. Then he blackmails those who unknowingly reveal their secrets to him. His last victim was brutally murdered. Now he’s targeting the cop in charge of the investigation. To him she’s the perfect prey – because she has secrets of her own.

Praise for MALICIOUS:

‘This is a chilling story, superbly written, with captivating and unique characters. The pace is vigorous with twists and turns, storyline is potent, candid, and engaging. An awesome, captivating novel which I highly recommend,’ Nancy Silk Reviews blog.

Malicious is a wonderful, fast-paced work of fiction. The plot is timely and the details add to the authenticity.' Bestsellersworld Review.

‘If this thriller does not give you the willies and make you want to never turn on your computer again, nothing will. James Raven has expertly woven a twisted tale that comes a little too close to reality. I was overjoyed that my laptop doesn’t have a webcam. Suspenseful, heart-pounding and all too real; Malicious will have you putting tape over your webcam or getting rid of it altogether. Superb!‘ Readers’ Favorite Review.

‘I read from cover to cover in one day. I love crime stories. The story allows u to connect to the main character Robyn Tate. Her exhausted state of mind and her low self-esteem issues have made us feel "this could be me". Then the story opens and her world becomes a desperate journey to protect her secrets from the world. I felt for her every chapter I passed and wanted her to prevail. This is a great read,’ Goodreads Review.

‘Raven's fast paced storytelling replete with superb tension and suspense immediately seduces you. His protagonist, Robyn Tate is a memorable character with her dark secret, yet all the more attractive for being flawed. As an added bonus, not only is Malicious a slick thriller but a novel that investigates the troubling issue of computer crimes that after its reading will force you to re-examine your own situation. What would you do if you found out that someone was spying on you through your webcam? Beware. It is possible,’ Bookpleasures Review

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Reaction to James Raven's other novels:

‘This is one of the best books I’ve ever read, and I've read a lot! It constantly leaves you in heart grabbing suspense,’ Goodreads Review.

‘Just reading the blurb made me want to find out how Raven pulled off this extraordinary tale…you won’t be disappointed,’ Books Monthly.

‘This is a great book. It gave me nightmares, but I couldn’t put it down,’ Listed Magazine.

Also by James Raven: After the Execution, Rollover, Urban Myth, Stark Warning, Arctic Blood, Red Blitz, Brutal Revenge

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