Monday, 16 November 2015

FREE BOOK FIND: The Moon Dwellers by David Estes

FREE to download TODAY is The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers Saga)  by David Estes (Click for UK, Australia, Canada or India purchase).  Why not download a copy before it goes back to full price?

In a desperate attempt to escape destruction decades earlier, humankind was forced underground, into the depths of the earth, creating a new society called the Tri-Realms.

17-year-old Adele, a member of the middle-class moon dwellers, is unjustly sentenced to life in prison deep underground.

When a war breaks out within the Tri-Realms, Adele must escape from prison and seek to uncover her parents' true past, armed with only a wicked roundhouse kick and two fists that have been well-trained for combat by her father.

In her world someone must die.

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