Sunday, 29 November 2015

Wronged Customer or Fraud and Cyberbullying? : You decide

Hi Everyone,

As some of you know, I've been the victim of Cyberbullying on Kindle Boards and Tumblr. To investigate this, KB has said that I need to put the evidence online.  So, here it is.

First up is an author who made the following untrue statements about us on Kindle Boards,227136.msg3165183.html#msg3165183:

"Flurriesofwords on fiverr: ($5) This business misrepresented its product. It promised to advertise in 2 blogs (one in the US and one in the UK), facebook, and twitter (the two latter ones allegedly have 35,000 followers.) It turned out that the two blogs are actually one blog with two URLs; the followers for both are the same people. Upon asking for proof of their facebook and twitter post, the seller refused. I got a refund, but not before a "mysterious" review on my book. This business was investigated by Fiverr's Trust & Safety team. This business is now closed.
edited to remove WHOA link, and commentary beyond basic facts.  PM me if you have any questions.  --Betsy/Ann "

The link originally provided (which was subsequently deleted by Kindle Boards) was this:  We will provide the evidence refuting this too, in a subsequent post...

But first to this author (who undoubtedly edited her above comments several times before the discussion was locked because I didn't close the service until 27 Nov)...

Here is the proof that her ad ran.

and here is the proof that it ran on Twitter

and here is the proof that it ran on Facebook

and here is proof that it ran on Pinterest

and here is the proof it ran on G+

Now, here is the exchange on Fiverr.  Apologies but it is in several pieces.  You will see that it got so bad that I actually cited the Cyber Harassment and Cyber Stalking statutes at her (she evidently is in California).

Now, I will admit to being perplexed about what she wanted because usually people want a change to an ad when they require a modification on Fiverr.  So I kept asking how she wanted the ad changed.  When I realized that she wanted proof of my followers, I was stunned.  Clearly that's not a part of any gig or service (especially since you can just look yourself--duh!). 

Note how she misrepresents to Fiverr about what I said.  Note too that she doesn't ask for proof that the ads have run but rather proof of my following.  You can also see how she is very abusive and continues to badger me to agree to mutually cancel the gig AFTER I've already provided the service and she's benefited from my ads. 

Anyway, she made the above and other defamatory posts about this service and cited to Gene Geter as a source (remember him above?)

Well, here's some proof that the two of them are in cahoots. 

Makes you wonder about the connection and real reason for Ms. King's behavior.  More on Mr Geter later...

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  1. Unbelievable. These people go to all this length to avoid a $5 fee for a service they received! ironically, one of them has a book on how to make money! I guess it's not working out for him if he needs to resort to these kinds of tactics.