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YOU DECIDE: Innocent Victim or Cyberbully? The Case of Gene Geter

Hi Again,

I mentioned in a previous post that I would provide evidence regarding the false and malicious claims  made by a certain Gene Geter in his Tumblr post (which was subsequently cited in Blanche King's cyber-bullying post over in the Writer's Cafe on Kindle Boards).  As a reminder for those of you who didn't follow the link (or if it has now been deleted), here is a screen capture of what he said:

Now, I didn't know this post existed until today.  If I had, I would have addressed it sooner.  Notably, the links he provides don't work. Hmmm... 

Of course, the other elements of his story don't hold true either.  There's no need to take my word for it.  As promised, here's the evidence:  

As mundane as it may seem, this Geter chap first booked an ad on Flurries of Words back in 2012.  Here's the email.  To my knowledge, he had no complaints.  However, one thing to make careful note of is the account from which the donation is coming.  It will be very important later.

Flash forward to 2015.  Geter again writes to order another ad. Here is the whole thing in it's entirety.  Apologies that it is in pieces but that was the only way to screen capture it and show that there has been no tampering.

Now, note here that only the USA and UK links are discussed.  That's because Flurries of Words NEVER guaranteed inclusion of India, Australia or Canada ads in its service description.  Moreover, Geter never provided links for these countries. This will also be important later.  But I digress.  Here is the rest of the exchange.

Now, you can see that Geter made several strange requests for changes to the ad--all of which I made.  Note his rather bizarre reason for wanting me to change the originally posted review.  But, as the exchange shows, I didn't question it.  I just did it.  This is just a little bit different from what Geter says in his Tumblr post, isn't it?  Hmmm...

At this point, it is important to note the date of the last parts of the above exchanges: 14 February 2015.  Yes, it was Valentine's Day and, like most people, I went out with my significant other for the rest of the day/evening (go figure) after I had dealt with Geter's previous two modification requests that day. Obviously, I didn't pick up on my email until the next morning.

But not Geter though.  He was away at his keyboard taking issue with the link I used for the India market.  Mind you, this was a free extra, so he really had nothing to complain about but that isn't the point.  If you look at the last two posts, you will see that Geter clearly expected another same day response (ON THE EVENING OF VALENTINES DAY).  

In fact, rather than waiting until I responded, Geter sent the following (also on 14 February 2015)

That's right.  He opened a PayPal claim THE SAME DAY.

But wait, there's more...

Even then he couldn't wait for me to respond.  He had to do more...

Yep, you guessed it.  He escalated the claim to a dispute.  Now, I don't know why PayPal words it that way but these lovely little treats were waiting for me when I got up in the morning.  Needless to say, I was getting a little concerned about the mental state of this particular individual.  I mean who sits at their computer all day firing of emails and expecting the recipient to continue responding within minutes several times a day?

To make the long story short, he continued to do things that I found frightening and creepy.  So much so that I asked him to stop and cited the relevant cyber stalking and harassment statutes to him (sound familiar?).

Rather than taking stock of what he was doing, Geter simply parroted it back to me as you see above.  

Now, I provided all the information to PayPal that I have provided to you just now.  As you know, they found in my favor   But the PayPal saga doesn't end there.  See below:

Yes, rather than accepting the facts and PayPal's determination, Geter attempted to get a chargeback through his credit card.  He claimed that it was "unauthorized use".  

Now remember that email from back in 2012 and the account that the donation was coming from.  It was the exact same one used for the 2015 ad.  Interesting...

What conclusion can be drawn from this?  Well, the evidence seems to suggest that Geter was either lying to his credit card company to attack me OR stealing from a female relative over a long period of time.  What does this say about Geter's word?  Hmmm....

The good news was that PayPal wasn't buying it either, as you can see:

Yep, they found in my favor AGAIN--which was about the time that Geter made that cyber-bullying post on Tumblr I showed you at the beginning of this post.

Now, he did that several months ago.  Why should I care now?  Well, let me show you.

These screen captures show the reach that his cyber bullying and libelous post has had.  Several people have re-blogged and liked it.  Every time, Geter's claims are spread further and further.  And remember, he mentioned me by name.  This is libel, plain and simple.  Moreover, he's posted his rant on several other sites for download--too many to list here.

In my opinion, bullying of this type should not be permitted.  The evidence strongly suggests that Geter has been posting and spreading falsehoods about me for nearly a year (and let's not forget that post over on KB from Blanche King that cited Geter's Tumblr post which was put up days ago).

But you've seen the evidence.  You decide.  Is he an innocent victim or a cyber bully?

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