Monday, 28 December 2015

99 CENT BOOK FIND: A Dead Red Oleander by R.P. Dahlke

Available for JUST 99 CENTS is A Dead Red Oleander (The Lalla Bains mystery series)  by R.P. Dahlke (Click for UK, Australia, Canada or India download).  Why not grab a copy now?

3rd in the Lalla Bains mystery series:

When a late in the season emergency forces Lalla Bains to accept a greenhorn ag pilot for her dad's cropdusting business, she sighs in relief . After all, he comes highly recommended, his physical is spotless, and with a name like Dewey Treat, what could possibly go wrong? 

Then her quirky relatives arrive from Texas and things go south in a hurry: Dewey Treat drops dead, his tearful widow claims he was murdered, clobbers Sherriff Caleb Stone with his own gun, and makes a run for it. Lalla, convinced the widow is innocent, sets out to prove it--against the express wishes of fiancé Caleb Stone. 

Feds, local law, suspicious ag-pilots, nutso relatives, and her daddy's new sidekick, Bruce the goat, make life a living hell for Lalla. Will her nosey nature solve the crime and save the day? Or put them all in mortal danger?

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