Thursday, 10 December 2015

99 CENT BOOK FIND: Twisted (Book One of the Deathwind Trilogy) by Holly Hook

Available for JUST 99 CENTS is Twisted (Book One of the Deathwind Trilogy) by Holly Hook (Click for UKAustraliaCanada or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy before it goes back to full price?

Forget the beach. Forget the teacup ride at Disney World. Sixteen-year-old Allie's going on the vacation of her life: tornado chasing. It what she's always wanted. What can possibly go wrong with that?

Being chased down by the twister and waking up captive by a couple of weirdos, for starters. They put her through a strange ritual, and Allie comes back from her vacation changed. Every time it storms, she becomes something powerful, dangerous, and terrifying. If she doesn't do something, she could end up hurting or even killing her friends and family.

With her best friend, Tommy, (who might be more than a friend) Allie must return to the plains, find her tormentors, and cure herself. But her adventure's only beginning. She finds a world where she's not alone in her abilities, a world that includes a hot guy named Dorian who shares her curse. But Allie's search for her tormentors is only the start. Others have their own plans for her and her abilities. Allie becomes a pawn in a battle to save others from her fate…or to destroy them.

Twisted is the first book of the Deathwind Trilogy.

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