Thursday, 10 December 2015

BARGAIN BOOK: Solid Illusions by T.M. Gannaway

Now available as a BARGAIN BOOK is Solid Illusions: A Claire Winston novel by T.M. Gannaway (Click for UK AustraliaCanada or India download).  Why not download a copy NOW?

Claire Winston had the perfect life until a horrific accident took it all away. But that soon becomes the least of her worries, as strange occurrences begin to plague her very existence. Haunted by gory visions of a strange woman, startling voices and scenes of the accident that took her family from her, Claire turns to medication and isolation.

But no matter what she does, the bizarre experiences don’t stop. In fact, they become more frequent and intensify, leaving her no time to adjust to a violently changing reality. Uncontrollably, Claire even begins to “warp” – popping in and out of other locations and time periods without warning.

Enter Horace Happenstance, her self-proclaimed guide, and Marc Laughlin, a strapping loner who may just hold the key to all this madness and help her hold onto her sanity as she fights for her life against a monster straight out of myth and magick.

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