Friday, 4 December 2015

FREE BOOK FIND: Concealed Kingdoms by Chris Northern

FREE to download TODAY is Concealed Kingdoms: Part One (Concealed Kingdoms: The Serial Book 1) by Chris Northern  (99 CENT BOOK FIND or BARGAIN BOOK in UK , Australia, Canada or India).  Why not grab a copy before it goes back to full price?

The Concealed Kingdoms is a serial to be published every two weeks, and will also be released as complete novels – The King's Ward and The Heir Reluctant are the first of these.

The Concealed Kingdoms are worlds created by the fey, a people apart from humanity, a people with paranormal mental powers. Some fey are so powerful that they can create small worlds of their own design that are connected to our world by hidden gateways.

Byron and Calista have never met, yet they have much in common. Abandoned by their fathers before birth, barely noticed by their own mothers, Byron and Calista have walked through their own lives like ghosts, as they search for answers. Why does no one notice me? Why does no one remember me?

When they meet, their lives are changed forever. Calista and Byron are rapidly drawn into another world, a world which will die if they cannot save it, a world where they are seen, known and remembered.

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