Tuesday, 29 December 2015

FREE BOOK FIND: Fluorescence: Fire Starter by P. Anastasia

FREE to download TODAY is Fluorescence: Fire Starter   by P. Anastasia (Click for UK , Australia, Canada or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy before it goes back to full price? 

In an engaging and unique genre all its own, Fluorescence fills a niche between audacious teen romance, urban fantasy and sci-fi.

Alice was a normal teenager until a dying race of aliens chose her and a handful of other teens to help preserve an endangered form of DNA known as Fluorescence. Now she and the others must hide their secret from the rest of the world, while trying to learn the truth behind the mysterious living light.

Each full-length novel in the Fluorescence series is narrated by a different character, driving the story forward in a new and exciting way. Fluorescence evolves from a quiet beginning into a gritty and unabashed look at real-life limitations these teenagers face while coping with a life-changing secret.

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