Friday, 18 December 2015


FREE to download TODAY is TRANSCENDER: First-Timer (TRANSCENDER Trilogy)  by Vicky Savage (Click for UK, Australia, Canada or India download).  Why not download a copy before it goes back to full price?


"... high adventure and romance in a parallel universe ..." ~Kirkus Reviews

"This is a hidden gem of a novel ..." ~Ensconced in YA

"... the combination of action, adventure, and romance makes this a great title ..." ~IndieReader

Jaden Beckett, typical Connecticut teenager possesses an awesome power she
isn't even aware of until it's triggered by a freak electrical storm and she's
catapulted into a strange parallel version of earth and an amazing alternate
existence. The destiny police want her out. She's got other plans!

In this life she's a princess and heir to the throne of one of the three
surviving dome nations. She has her mother back, a miracle she never imagined
possible. And, just as compelling, is her breathless romance with Ryder
Blackthorn, a wanted outlaw and possibly her one true soul mate.

Can the Inter-Universal Guidance Agency force her to leave this world,
or will Jaden use her gift to pursue the life of her dreams?

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