Thursday, 3 December 2015

FREE BOOK FIND: The Zero Class by Mark Brandon Powell

FREE to download TODAY is The Zero Class (Cypher Theorem Series Book 1) by Mark Brandon Powell (Click for UK, Australia, Canada or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy now?

The energy war, the nuclear war, the food war. Earth had been ravaged by them for two centuries, leaving the soil unable to sustain a large population. A hero and leader emerged and took humanity to the stars. The second planet that mankind calls home is named Eden.

Life on Eden didn't start out as it had on Earth, humanity brought technology with them, but Eden had a gift to bestow, magic. It was quickly adapted to everything, and time lead to humanity rebuilding back to its former glory, and beyond.

It has been 1000 years on the new home, and that is where we find Vernon Douglas. He is a high school student who is not blessed with the gift of natural magic. He has to focus through runes for his magic to work, as does a quarter of the population. High school is a nasty place, but for Vernon it is about to end. He has dreams of becoming a Paladin of the Order of Astrum, but he doesn't know how he would ever become noticed to be chosen.

Fate has given him a chance in the form of a magical arts tournament, newly available to high school students. Mixed Magical Arts is a sport that was created to test the limits of magic, while making a game of it. His best friend Duke joins his side, as his firebrand girlfriend Marie cheers him on.
Does Vernon have what it takes to get him through the tournaments?

Is his dream of becoming a Paladin out of his reach, or out of his hands?

Come and follow him through his final year, and find out.

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