Friday, 29 January 2016

FREE : Work. Rest. Repeat by Frank Tayell

Work. Rest. Repeat. A Dystopian detective story, from the author of the UK Post-Apocalyptic #1 series, 'Surviving The Evacuation'. (54,000 words).

It is sixty years since The Great Disaster laid waste to the Earth. Outside the city walls, the rising seas have long since flooded the toxic desert that once was humanity’s home. Inside, the descendants of the few that survived that terrible apocalypse strive day and night to complete construction of the colony ships. An evacuation to Mars is the species’ only hope. It is a desperate plan but, after generations of labour, the first of the ships is nearing completion.

A launch date has been set. There is to be an election to choose a new Chancellor, to lead the people during this last exodus. But, with only twenty-four hours before voting begins, two workers are murdered. It is the first serious crime since the survivors retreated into the Towers of The City of Britain.

It is down to Ely, Constable of Tower-One, to solve the crime and apprehend the killer. No matter what, the workers must be protected, production must come first.

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