Sunday, 6 March 2016

99 CENTS: Kurinji Flowers by Clare Flynn

Hasty marriage to a man she barely knew. Exile to India - a country she didn't know at all

An emotional love story set in the last days of colonial India
Set against the turbulent backdrop of South India in the dying days of British colonial rule, this heartbreaking yet joyful novel shows us the fascinating world of pre Independence India through the eyes of Ginny Dunbar, the young wife of a tea planter. Ginny has a damaged past she is desperate to keep secret and is caught between a clash of cultures. The exoticism and vibrancy of native India both attracts and repels her and she doesn't fit into the shallow world of the British expatriates whose lives revolve around the Club. Isolated in a lonely marriage to man she barely knows, Ginny struggles to find her place in an alien world.

Kurinji Flowers is a poignant and moving story of Love, loss, betrayal and redemption. If you like the drama of human relationships you will find this an absorbing and engaging read.
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