Wednesday, 30 March 2016

FREE : Duchess (The World of Diviners) by Nicolette Andrews

When Damara received a message from the palace, she knew it could only mean one thing. Her husband was dead. She had prepared herself for this moment ever since he marched off to war. Following the news of her husband’s death, she comes face to face with her husband’s sister, the Queen. She has come to Damara with a request from beyond the grave. Writ on the aging parchment, her husband left her instructions and a confession. He was not the man she thought he was. He was the king’s spy and he died in his service. In his final letter to Damara, her husband asks her to find his killer and take his place as a royal spy. Whether Damara wants to or not, she has to find her husband’s killer. As Damara’s world crumbles around her she is dragged down into a world of secret orders and dangerous forgotten magic. She must follow the clues her husband left behind in order to find his killer to free herself of the secrets that bind her.

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