Tuesday, 15 March 2016

FREE : A Dwarf With No Name (Nameless Dwarf Book One) by D.P. Prior

This novella is a SAMPLE story from the new series, LEGENDS OF THE NAMELESS DWARF:

1. Carnifex
2. Geas of the Black Axe
3. Revenge of the Lich
4. Return of the Dwarf Lords

A Dwarf with No Name was originally published as The Ant-Man of Malfen, and it features in Revenge of the Lich (Legends of the Nameless Dwarf book 3)

All 5 original novellas remain available, as well as being included in a revised form in Revenge of the Lich.

Cursed by a demonic axe and fueled with an unquenchable bloodlust, the Nameless Dwarf slaughters his own people in their thousands.

The survivors flee to the nightmare realms beyond the mountains, where no one has ever set foot and lived to tell the tale.

Freed from the axe, and horrified by what he has done, the Nameless Dwarf pursues them across the known world. Convinced there can be no atonement, he is prepared to sacrifice everything to save the last of his race from extinction.

The trail leads to the brigand town of Malfen, on the fringes of civilization. But no one passes though without paying a toll to an underground boss known as the Ant-Man. It is a toll that has already cost many their lives.
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