Sunday, 17 April 2016

In the Shadows by Katie Welsby


When the love of her past-life turns up, things hot up for Lucy Blaisdell. Trouble is, which of the feuding pair offers genuine romance, and which is just out for revenge? There’s also the small matter of a witch to contend with – or is it a gentler magic the mysterious Ellen offers with her overtures of friendship?

It’s easy to fall for Alex Craven’s good looks and witty charm, but it’s Nathan Harlow’s dark and brooding, almost rude manner, that teenager Lucy can’t help but find herself being drawn to. To make things even messier, there’s no love lost between Nathan and Alex, and their history seems to go back a long way…

Right back to a dark past-life in the Napoleonic era, if Lucy’s increasingly strange and seductive dreams are to be believed.

When the past catches up with them, disaster strikes, and Lucy must learn the truth about her past-life before history repeats itself.

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