Monday, 8 August 2016

99 CENTS: And What's Your Life's Drama? by Stelios Nicolaou

Stressed out, frustrated, confused?
Is there too much drama in your life, you just can’t refuse?

It takes five easy steps to remove drama from your life, today, and enjoy a life, full of peace, full of joy, every minute of the day!

I wrote this book to introduce you to your mistress, your drama queen, you know, the freak who is behind all sorrow and ache.

I wrote it to tell you that you have become her slave, she is the one, who is causing you so much grief and pain.

By playing in your head a meaningless drama play, this is how she is messing up your life, now, this very day.

But, she is not what she used to be.

She used to be so innocent, adorable, and sweet, beautiful and care free, that's who she used to be.  Since you chose to hide her deep in your being, She’s turned into a drama queen, she’s turned into a freak.

She remained too long, buried deep in your heart, and ended up losing her innocence, beauty, grace and love.

Now, she has become your drama queen, your mistress, and she is very mean, she became a nightmare, instead of a loving being.

With her terrible whip, a mistress and a freak, she became to be.  She dominates, controls, and brings pain in every part of your being.

Because you are at her mercy, you are unaware, you can’t discern, you don’t know, you just can’t tell, how you became her slave, how you now belong to her, how she controls you, causing you trouble, time and time again.

In this book, I will reveal, I will not conceal, the little, evil schemes she uses to trap you in:

• I will reveal the power, your drama queen has over your life.
• I will teach you, how to recognize the way she controls you.
• Learn the three principal ways, she is sabotaging your future.
• I will show you the little, wicked mind games, she uses to confuse you.
• I will disclose the three main drama plays, she uses to trap you in.
• I will teach you five easy steps that will cancel out her power over you.

The goal of this small book is noble, and it’s true, it is to teach you how your drama queen is ruining you.

Learn, how to remove drama from your life in five, easy steps today, and start living a life, full of meaning, tranquility, peace and joy, loving every minute of it, every day, in every way.


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