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INTERVIEW: K.R. Richards

Flurries Unlimited (FU) had the awesome chance to visit with prolific author and medium/tarot card reader, K. R. Richards (KR). We didn't have our fortune told but her are the interesting things we discussed. 

FU:  With all the different genres to choose from, what made you decide to write paranormal romance?

KRR: While I was working on the last books of the historical, Lords of Avalon series, I got the itch to try something different. Although I did include some paranormal elements in the LOA series, I thought it might be fun to do that in a contemporary setting. I read many genres, and enjoy them all. A decade ago I had started planning out a series that revolved around women working in a metaphysical shop. So I just took some of those ideas and created the Decker Brothers Series.

FU: How has being a medium influenced your writing?

KRR: I think it has enhanced my awareness of human emotions, and it also keeps me focused on creating a functional romantic relationship within the story. As a medium, and Tarot reader, I worked in the public doing readings for people at Metaphysical Shops, Psychic Fairs, and Spiritualist Church events. People come to get a reading for many reasons, some just out of curiosity, some just to get their "fortune told." But it isn't fortune telling, it's a picture of your life at the time, the obstacles you currently face, and the mediumship can bring messages from the other side. I'll be the first to admit that quite a few people do come to a Psychic when their love life isn't going well, and not everyone can see clearly when they are in the midst of a bad relationship.

FU: What's the most memorable experience you've had as either a medium or tarot reader?

KRR: There are many that stand out, good and bad. But I will share one that I feel is the most important. While I worked as a Psychic in the community, that was a side job. I worked a 9 - 5 receptionist/admin job for a major hotel chain. I

was in my late thirties, early forties during that time. We had a lot of young employees. I kept positive thought cards, affirmations, etc. at my desk. Many of them stopped to talk throughout the day and would tell me about their problems. One young man was having problems with his boyfriend, and eventually they broke up. He was distraught, estranged from his family at the time, and we talked often during his break up. I gave him a reading and also gave him a list of positive affirmations. By this point, he had no self-confidence, low self-esteem and couldn't conceive how he could go through life without the person he loved. The last time I saw him, he was really upset. So I spoke to his manager to let him know what was going on. He didn't show up for work the next day.

Two weeks went by and he was still a no show. We called his number and could never reach him. His manager did not terminate him. When the young man returned two weeks later, it was to tell us that he had wanted to die when he left that night. He slit his wrists. While he was laying there bleeding, he pulled the affirmations I had given him out of his backpack. As he read through them and remembered what we had talked about - he decided he wanted to live. He called his parents. They called 911. After leaving the hospital, he went home to his family, who welcomed him.

There were so many other experiences that I remember, helping a woman find the courage and confidence to leave an abusive relationship, giving a loving message to a grieving widow, and helping young women to see they must love themselves.

You've written so many books and now two series. Which is your favourite and why?

KRR: I can't say that I have a favorite. I have enjoyed writing them all, and struggled with each one at times too. I would say I was most proud of Lords of Atonement, because it was the last of the Lords of Avalon series and I didn't want it to be boring or disappointing, nor did I want the readers to be let down because they had already figured out the identity of the main antagonist. It was difficult and took a lot of thought and planning, but I feel like I gave them some surprises and accomplished that.

FU: They say that every character has some of the author in him/her. Which of your characters is most like you? In what way?

KRR: I can't really think of one character. I can say some of them have my strengths, and some of them have my weaknesses. Two examples come to mind, first would be Libby from Lords of Honor. She had a large scar on her face and it was difficult for her to accept after she was injured. People stared at her. I was born with a large birthmark on my lower leg. Kids always made fun of it when I was growing up, and I was very self-conscious of it. I even came to hate it in high school. I think Libby's feelings definitely came from that experience. Senny, in Lords of Retribution was "different". In all truth, she wasn't like me , per se, but she came from the experience with my youngest son, who is severely autistic, he has never spoken. So Senny's feelings definitely came from my experience raising my son. The way he was treated, the way his brother felt when people made fun of him, etc. I can remember praying in those early days that my son would start speaking and be able to live a normal life. I read about and investigated everything about autism, trying to find "the way, the thing" that would be the break through for him. There came the time when I had to accept that he would be like he was. So I think Senny came from the memories of those dreams I had to let go of for my son. A man fell in love with Senny, she got married, she gained confidence and though she still struggled, and didn't always fit in, she had a normal, happy life.

So what is on the horizon? What are your new projects? When is your next new release?

KRR: There are two more books left in The Decker Brothers Trilogy. I'm currently writing Liam's Spell. I'm about to release Book 1 of the Quest for the Shroud historical series, Sinners Take All. The Quest for the Shroud series includes some of the unmarried Avalon Society members from the Lords of Avalon series on their new adventure in Scotland.

I have a two small town Contemporary Romances, set in Mississippi, in the works, along with several Historical series I've planned out. One is about a group of female mediums in Victorian England, the other about a trio of Cornish rakes, and another is about a family by the name of Darke who lives in Penzance, Cornwall.

FU:  Thank you for chatting with us.

KRR: Thank you, K. G. and Flurries of words. :)

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