Thursday, 22 November 2012

FLASH FICTION AT FIVE: Airheart (Prologue) by John W. Smith

The rain could not stop, even if Takeshi Hibaramu wished for it. He sprawled, blood spilling from his wound. The hole in his chest sent pain streaking through his body. Glass shards punctured his blue eyes, stealing away his sight. His clothes were in tatters; his short blonde hair matted in blood. He could feel the heat of nearby flames. The building was slowly blown apart as gas tanks exploded, setting each other off one by one. Two figures stood at Takeshi’s side, silent as they placed the proof of their betrayal next to his head. Takeshi’s mask was made of porcelain, with one half painted green. The spade was painted above the left eye, like a hovering dagger. Under the right eye, the crescent moon was painted with a sharp curve. 

Takeshi could hear heavy footsteps approaching him. “Minamori, is that you?” Takeshi called. He received no answer. “Hisoka, is it you, Hisoka?” Silence greeted Takeshi as the footsteps stopped at his side.

“Sorry to disappoint, son.” A low male voice answered. “But I’m the commander of the police. My name is Marcus Reid.”

Takeshi could feel himself being pulled onto his feet. Cold steel, handcuffs, clamped around his wrists. The whole time, Takeshi didn’t even resist. He didn’t want to. He knew that the explosion was meant to dispose of him. It was a trap set up by his two closest companions.

It was something traumatic, and shattered one’s trust as easily as their heart. It was something that Takeshi would have done, and it disgusted him.

Marcus told Takeshi that the other two had gotten away. This made Takeshi both relieved and disgusted. In the interrogation room, Takeshi’s mask laid on the table, the shards put somewhat together with tape. Takeshi had insisted on keeping it.

Earlier, Takeshi had been rushed to the hospital. There, his body was bandaged, and the glass was removed from his eyes and any other parts of his body. Now he had to walk around blind-folded, aided by an official.

Takeshi told them everything that had happened in his days as an assassin. As he told them, Marcus and his secretary, Catalina, nodded and listened. They decided that they were going to let him off, seeing as the stories made it sound like Takeshi was being used.

“You will hear from us again soon.” Marcus said. “And we expect you to contact us if you run into those two again.” With that, Marcus gave Takeshi card with his contact information on.

“Thank you, commander.” Takeshi said as he stepped out of the car door. His mother, Nova Hibaramu, was waiting there for him. She already heard from Marcus about what had happened. She was no longer angry at Takeshi, but still a bit upset.

Nova’s house also serves as a nightclub. Nova is the DJ, and Takeshi serves as the bar tender. They only played electronic or techno music. If someone tried to ask for something else, they would get kicked out onto the curb.

Tonight, Takeshi did the best he can with the bar tending. Even though he had become permanently blind, he had long made sure to memorize the entire building, so that he would be able to traverse while blindfolded. He expertly concocted drinks for the party goers that lined up along the bar table.

Hours later, the club closed for the morning. Nova had gone to bed, while Takeshi cleaned up the place. Night was beginning to fade into morning when he had finished. After locking up the building, Takeshi went to walk to his own house.

Takeshi’s house is much more normal than Nova’s. It’s just a two story building with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. He went straight to bed after locking the door behind himself.

“It took you long enough.” A voice said in the darkness.

Takeshi couldn’t see, but he could tell that the voice belonged to Hisoka. Anger began to rise within Takeshi. Hisoka and Minamori had betrayed him, tried to kill him, and now Hisoka decides to break into Takeshi house. The anger inside Takeshi was beginning to peak, now. “Hisoka, you bastard. What do you want?”

Hisoka stayed silent as he proceeded to start his assault. Takeshi felt an intense pain in his ear as something sliced it open. Then he felt the barrage of punches land on his torso as Hisoka launched his attack.

“Damn it.” Takeshi thought. “If only I could see. That bastard would be the one getting pummeled.” A hard blow landed in Takeshi’s cheek, and he fell to the ground. “If only I could see.”

Hisoka was laughing hysterically, not stopping with his punches. Behind his mask, his eyes glinted with blood-lust. At least, that’s what Takeshi could sense.

“If only I could see.” Takeshi thought. The thought repeated itself in Takeshi’s head as he continued to get beaten up. Finally, Takeshi could take it no more, and he had to shout it out. “IF ONLY I COULD SEE!!!!!!!!!”

“Then I shall give you your sight.”

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