Wednesday 5 December 2012

FLASH FICTION AT FIVE: The Luckiest Shark by K.W. Lumley

Hi, my name is Sammy.

And I’m a Shark.

But I’m not just any


I’m the luckiest shark to swim the seven seas!

Why am I the luckiest shark?

Well I’m the luckiest,

Because I have 2 families that love me very much.

Why do I have 2 families?

Well I’ll tell ya.

Sometimes mommies and daddies don’t get along,

They rumble and grumble at each other and are not very happy at all.

And sometimes they go to different parts of the ocean to live,

And try and be happy again.

That’s what my mommy and daddy did!

Did it make me sad?

Yeah at first it made me sad,

Because I love my mommy and daddy.

And wanted us to be together.

But I wanted my mommy and daddy to be happy,

And now they are both very happy.

And that makes me very happy.

So how does that make me lucky ya ask!

Well because both my mommy and daddy met other nice sharks.

Sharks that made them laugh, smile, and be happy again.

And the other sharks they met,

Miss Shelley & Mr. Reef,

They both had little sharks of their own.

Miss Shelley has a little girl named Coral.

And Mr. Reef has a boy named Tide.

And that makes me a little brother.

It’s my first time being a little brother,

But it’s fun.

Tide and Coral are both very nice to me,

And we have lots of fun together

And guess what else happened!


My daddy and Miss Shelley,

Had a baby together!

Guess what that makes me?

That’s right.

A Big Brother!!!

Because now I have a little baby sister.

Her name is Pearl, but I call her Sugar.

Because she is so sweet.


So are ya starting to understand why I am so lucky now?

That’s right.

Because my mommy and daddy are very happy now.

I have a wonderful step-brother and step-sister,

and I have a sweet baby sister.

And both my families love me very much,

They take very good care of me.

And we are very happy when we are together!!

Whelp, I gotta go,

Have a fun day.

And see ya soon!!

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