Monday, 11 March 2013

BARGAIN BOOK: The Twelve Tablets by R.L. Kiser

We are happy to announce as a BARGAIN BOOK: The Twelve Tablets (Tales of the Crystal)  by R.L. Kiser (Click here for UK purchase).  Why not grab a copy of this today?

In the deep desert covering thousands of miles of wasteland young crystal warrior Darian discovers an ancient stone obleisk and the thousand year old buried temple of the Goddess Narine full of riches. With the help of his deep desert friends Mahmud and Rashid ben Rahiem they decipher the ancient writings that allows them passage into the temple. The reading of the Twelve Tablets brings to life the beautiful Lady Mist, a part of the Goddess Narine, but also releases a horrendous evil buried beneath the temple for a thousand years. Unleashed on the land that evil takes the form of the Dark She and corrupts the young Shiek of all the deep desert clans into enslaving all the people. They must be stopped before Lady Mist can bring the Evil One back into balance.

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  1. This is a good book. I love these characters and all the action.