Saturday 25 October 2014

FREE BOOK FIND: The Dragon Writers Collection by Tom Bielawski, Brian Rathbone and others

FREE to download TODAY is The Dragon Writers Collection: A Bundle of Fantasy and Science Fiction  by Tom Bielawski, Brian Rathbone and others (available as a BARGAIN BOOK in the UK AustraliaCanada  and India).  Why not grab a copy now?

An exciting collection of fantasy and science fiction novels from The DragonWriters Collective: Brian Rathbone, Tom Bielawski, MR Mathias, Morgen Rich, Scott Baughman, LRW Lee, DP Prior.

Tom Bielawski
A Tide of Shadows, Volume One of The Chronicles of Llars
The Centaurus Legacy, A Heck Thomas Thriller
Stormson, Volume One of A Chronicle of Storms

Brian Rathbone
Wayward Spirits, a prelude to A Dawning of Power
Call of the Herald, Book One of A Dawning of Power
Inherited Danger, Book Two of A Dawning of Power

MR Mathias
King of Fools

Morgen Rich
Entrapments, Staves of Warrant Book One
Seeking, Staves of Warrant Book Two

Scott Baughman
Rule of Thumb, Balance of Power Book One

L.R.W. Lee
Blast of the Dragon's Fury (Andy Smithson Book 1)

D.P. Prior
Book One of The Nameless Dwarf: A Dwarf With No Name

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