Tuesday, 12 January 2016

99 CENTS: Public Enemies by Jess Money

The elite aren't afraid of laws or regulators or voters. The only thing they fear is an uprising of the people.

That fear is about to be realized.

The man who now calls himself Thomas Paine lived by the rules until he lost everything, including health insurance for his dying wife. Now he's vowed to bring about a Second Bill of Rights using vigilante violence against the "real Public Enemies" -- politicians, banksters, lobbyists, and CEO's.

Can FBI Agent Darren Medlin stop Paine before those for whom the American Dream has turned into the American Nightmare join his "American Insurgency"? Can vigilante tactics spawn a non-violent third party and achieve true political reform, or will government squash that as well?

And what about young talk show host Crystal Dickerson? By using her show to announce his demands, Paine thrusts her into a spotlight she's not yet ready for. What decisions will she have to make, and how far will Medlin go before he draws his own line in the sand?
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