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Flurries Unlimited (FU) had the great opportunity to sit down for a one on one with romance and middle grade author and master chef, Erin Cruey (EC) about her work and adventures in baking. Here's what we discussed:

FU: So what is the story behind the bit in your bio about world's greatest apple muffins that don't crumble?

EC: Oh boy! Well, let's just say I have a history of bad cooking. Cookies ended up as cake, pizza defied gravity in the oven, and I somehow managed to make steamed broccoli taste like it was soaked in vinegar. Needless to say that didn't go over very well with my or my family's stomachs, so I set out in learning how to cook. It took a decade...maybe a little more...but I eventually started getting better, and one of the first things I could make (that didn't burn) was my apple muffins! They're pretty tasty, but they still come out a little crumbly sometimes. I'm working on fixing that.

FU:  With all the different genres to choose from, what inspired you to write romance and then jump to middle grade adventure?

The Ripple Affair was the first story I ever wrote, and it became a romance by accident. I was never a romance reader or writer, and as I was putting the story together, I noticed that the relationship between Edward and Antoinette seemed to take center stage, and it really took off after adding Emmerich and making it a love triangle. I found that romance was a fun genre to write in after all, and even though I was unfamiliar with it, I thought it would be a fun challenge to stretch my comfort zone and write a story in a genre I never wrote in before. That being said, adventure stories are my true passion, and so jumping to middle grade books with The Adventures of Captain Patty is me celebrating my roots. I'm a huge fan of stories that twist and turn and are full of excitement, and I wanted to write tales that reflected that.

FU:  You've written so many books. Which is your favourite and why?

That's a tough one, because I love all my books. If I had to choose between them, though, I'd say "Reign of Change". There's a lot that goes on in that story, and some of my favorite scenes of anything I've written are in there. I love that the character of Edward really starts to grow in this story, and you see his greatest transformation. He turns away from his past and moves forward to the future, finding his faith and forgiveness in a simple church sanctuary.

FU: They say that every character has some of the author in him/her. Which of your characters is most like you? In what way?

I created a fun personality quiz entitled "Which Character from 'The Ripple Affair' are you?" I get Emmerich every time I take it, so I guess that means I'm an emotional science geek who is in love with someone I can't have. (That may or may not be accurate, ha!) Really, though, I identify with Bernie a lot. She's feisty, intellectual, funny, and is very loyal to the people she loves, and those are traits I see in myself. Also, I'm a woman who has alopecia areata, and my struggle with hair loss and having to wear wigs, etc., was something I wanted to share through Bernie. We don't always see characters who have that, nor do we see the heartache and strength that can come about with it because it is so rarely talked about, and Bernie is a character that I hope can become an inspiration to others- male or female- who struggle with hair loss.

FU:   So what is on the horizon? What are your new projects? When is your next new release?

Book Four of "The Ripple Affair" Series will be the first new release coming out during the summer. It will be entitled "Heart of Deceit" and will have everyone's favorite sassy princess, Bernie, taking the lead. A lot happens in this book, not only with Bernie but with Edward as well, so I think it's going to be a mix of comedy, drama, and adventure that will make it an exciting read. There also may be a new romance starting up! As for The Adventures of Captain Patty Series, my readers will be happy to know that the sequel is also coming out during the summer! It will be entitled "Captain Patty and the Boston Buccaneer", and I have to say that this one is my favorite. I won't spoil it for you, but let's just say the adventure gets a bit more serious as we find out just who Bateau really is and how that can mean trouble for Captain Patty and her crew. There's still plenty of comedy, though, and with the story being told through Reuben's point of view, you know it's going to be a treat!

FU:  Thank you so much for chatting with us.

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