Monday 29 August 2016

99 CENTS: The Last Train by Howard Turk


Omsk, November, 1919. The peak of the Russian Civil War, and the start of the coldest winter Siberian has seen in fifty years.

Three American railroad men, working on the Trans-Siberian Railway, are savagely murdered. Jake Greenburg, working for the US Army, is sent to investigate.

His efforts are thwarted by the Civil War between the Reds and the anti-communist Whites. Amid the chaos of the war, Jake, like hundreds of thousands of Russians, is forced to flee Omsk.

He gathers the few remaining Americans and a mixed bag of Russian and Chinese refugees at the rail yard and pulls together a train for their escape. Along with the refugees, he must also take the Czar’s treasure, and, he is sure, the murderer he has been seeking.

As the train makes its way slowly Eastward, through the frigid, snow-covered Russian landscape, the murders continue and Jake fights to stay alive, protect his charges, and discover who is doing the killing, and why.

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