Thursday, 11 August 2016

Love Is For Tomorrow by Michael Karner and Isaac Newton Acquah

Wanted dead by his former employer, a spy collides with a rogue agent across Europe to prevent a terror-attack on an unlikely target.

Antoine is no stranger to taking on missions near impossible. Working for an international spy agency based in Vienna, Austria his team includes a seasoned ex-MI5 mastermind from Ghana, a young Indian female hacker and a Pakistani Lord of War.

Between a heist of stealth tech in China and a dirty bomb gone missing in the Middle East the world is in peril. Solving the puzzle leads to a rescue mission out of Istanbul, eavesdropping in Barcelona, a murder in Monaco and a hunt after a famous art piece in Belgrade.

The agency uncovers a conspiracy to attack a nation’s capital which involves a high ranking official plotting with terrorists. A deceiving rogue agent hell-bent on revenge turns matters worse and forces Antoine to blend in with the very enemy he vowed to destroy.

With the Dragon and Bear nations stirring, it is Antoine’s past with Uncle Sam that denies him a return to his loved ones. Love Is For Tomorrow.

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