Friday, 23 September 2016

99 CENTS: Happiness Bubbles by Adam K. Dean

Discover happiness and how to lead a happy life through these simple practical steps.

Do you want to be happy but not sure how to change your life to achieve happiness?
Do you ever find that you are leading your life trying to be happy but never quite there?
Well, you’re just like most people! The problem isn’t that you can’t be happy, it’s just that you haven’t got a singular approach to happiness. And that's where Happiness Bubbles comes in.

The concept of Happiness Bubbles is a simple one: Give of yourself and happiness will come back to you. Using an approach focused on getting happiness through others, Happiness Bubbles gives you ten steps to embed happiness in your everyday life. This book will show you how to apply the transformative power of giving in order to achieve happiness. Applying this approach to your busy life in a practical way will help you to understand what happiness is and find your own unique approach to living a happy life.

In this book you will discover:
  • More than ten real and proven approaches to happiness

  • Practical examples and case studies of how real people have used these approaches

  • A clear approach to help you to use these methods

  • Immediate suggestions that can be put into action

There are ten steps outlined in this book:
  1. Happiness Bubble 1: How the simple act of saying "thank you" can lead to happiness

  2. Happiness Bubble 2: How to focus your lives on others to receive gratitude

  3. Happiness Bubble 3: Being grateful for happiness and who you are

  4. Happiness Bubble 4: How simple acts of kindness can help happiness to boomerang right back to you

  5. Happiness Bubble 5: Why volunteering will make you happy

  6. Happiness Bubble 6: How to provide mentorship to give others the experience of your life

  7. Happiness Bubble 7: How to give to yourself

  8. Happiness Bubble 8: Passing it forward so that others realise their own happiness.

  9. Happiness Bubble 9: Become the friend that everyone wants

  10. Happiness Bubble 10: Live a life of happy altruism

This book unveils these ten simple truths that everyone can use to begin enjoying happiness in a selfless way. Happiness Bubbles is not a quick set of happiness hacks. This is a practical way to lead a happier life. The approach will guide you to easily approach your life with small changes helping you to unlock huge waves of happiness.

Make your life a happy life and buy Happiness Bubbles today!


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