Monday 17 October 2016

FREE: New Sun Rising by Lindsay Edmunds

The year is 2199; the place, the Reunited States. New Sun Rising is about a girl who was raised in a utopian community and then tries to make her way in a dystopian society.

Story 1, “The Town With Four Names,” describes the lakeside village in which the girl was raised. It has survived against all odds for more than three hundred years. Cassie Stillwater, a 90-year-old descendent of the original founder, writes down the town's history, a history that turns personal.

It will remind you of summer, I hope.

Story 2, “Leaving Home,” is about the girl's decision to seek a life outside the town gates. Although legally an adult, she still is a kid—idealistic and naïve. She finds a job that horrifies her parents, who think they raised her too well and protected her too much. They fear she is not suited for life anywhere BUT their idyllic town.

It will remind you of what it felt like to begin work on your life.

New Sun Rising: Two Stories is the “appetizer” version of New Sun Rising: Ten Stories.

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