Sunday, 19 February 2012

FREE E-BOOK FIND: Finding the Flower Girl by Eugene Cusie

The Kindle edition version of Finding the Flower Girl by Eugene Cusie is free for this weekend only.  Why not grab a copy of this FREE E-BOOK FIND before it goes back to full price?

I thought I was completely alone when I awoke in a hospital. No nurses or doctors. No family around my bed. I didn't know what they would look like had they been there. In fact I didn't know who I was let alone who I belonged to. Was this Hell or even, Heaven? I needed answers, the only thing I could seem to recall was being shot which would explain why I was in the hospital but not the rest of this mystery which was soon to unravel. Small clues and new, unlikely acquaintances slowly help me to realize that maybe the mystery had nothing to do with me. Maybe it had everything to do with the children that I was meeting in this nearly vacant town. They told me awful stories of how there young lives had ended. Now I was no longer looking for answer for myself but rather, answers for these young victims. The most memorable of the lot, a young girl wearing a dress covered in flowers that seemed to be leading me closer and closer to the final puzzle piece.

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