Sunday, 19 February 2012

Free E-Book Find: Ignition by Jack Hughs

The Kindle edition of  Ignition by Jack Hughs is currently FREE over at Amazon.  Why not download this thought-provoking tale before it goes back to being full price?

Miss Alice and Miss Bertha Worthington are trying to get home, but find themselves unable to start their car. A passing stranger offers to assist them, asking only for a ride home himself in return. Over the next few hours, the innocent events of the night ferment in the minds of the slanderous sisters. They proceed to exaggerate their tale further for each new listener, and light a fuse of gossip and rumor that ends in unimaginable tragedy.

This uncompromising short story tells of a deeply prejudiced and narrow-minded time in American history, and of the devastating power that misplaced fear and assumption can wield over humanity even today.

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