Wednesday, 25 July 2012

FREE BOOK FIND: Make Money Online by Andrea Walters

FREE to download TODAY AND TOMORROW is Make Money Online: Become a Virtual Assistant - Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Your Business  by Andrea Walters  (Click here for UK Download)  Why not download it before it goes back to full price?

“Make Money Online: Become a Virtual Assistant” by Andrea Walters is the most comprehensive guide to be found about what it takes to become a virtual assistant. The field of virtual assisting has experienced a growth “explosion” in recent years, and while it is an excellent business to start, one should make sure they have all of the necessary tools to make the transition a successful one. 

This book provides a well laid out plan that, if followed, ensures that a virtual assisting business is built on a solid foundation. From the initial research and questions regarding the skills needed, to the chapters covering the legal aspects of starting one’s own business, everything is covered here in one book. More modern technologies are discussed, such as building a site to market the business, utilizing social networking and learning what it takes to brand oneself as a professional virtual assistant on line.

Any self-starter can take advantage of the useful information provided in this easy-to-understand guide, as it takes the reader every step of the way…to virtual success.

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