Friday, 26 October 2012

FREE BOOK FIND: Slender Forever by Mark Andrews

FREE to download TODAY is Slender Forever: What It Really Takes to Be Thin (& Healthy) for the Rest of Your Life  by Mark Andrews  (Click here for UK Download).  Why not download it before it goes back to full price?

The real answer for weight-loss isn't a crash diet to lose a few pounds that you'll just gain right back again—it's to gain a real understanding of your body, your metabolism, and how to live a healthy lifestyle so you can be in control of your weight for life.

Here's some good news. It actually isn’t necessary to…
  • Eat a restricted diet of only a few “allowed foods”
  • Force yourself to do long, grueling workouts every day
  • Abandon solid foods in favor of "super-juices" or shakes
  • Shop at obscure, over-priced stores for hard-to-find foods
  • Cut all carbs out of your diet
  • Drop your calories down to an absurdly low amount
  • Inject yourself with questionable substances, take dangerous pills, or do anything else that compromises your health for the sake of weight-loss
Here's a little peek at what this book includes...
  • 20 simple, achievable lifestyle changes that will guide you into losing weight and eating healthy throughout your entire life. This book is set up in such a way that you can make realistic lifestyle adjustments, instead of demanding you to suddenly change your entire life around to fit a strict diet that you could never maintain

  • A straightforward explanation of the real basics of metabolism and nutrition that always have been and always will be true—no matter how many new fad diets come out. Understanding your body and the simple science behind weight loss is the only way to achieve long-term success, and this book puts it in easy-to-understand terms

  • WEIGHT-LOSS MADE SIMPLE: The single absolute, set-in-stone, never-changing rule of weight-loss that will determine your success or failure—regardless of how big you are, how “bad your genetics are,” how slow your metabolism is, or what diet you are doing. Applying this one rule always works

  • Why just “limiting your portion sizes” doesn’t always work—it’s because you’re missing this one important piece of information that makes all the difference

  • A 15 minute workout that has been proven to make you burn calories all day long—it's even more effective than long, sustained exercises

  • The shocking hidden sources of fat in seemingly “healthy foods” that are actually making you pack on the pounds without realizing it, and how to eliminate them without even changing your diet significantly

  • The 3 biggest "diet-killers” that halt weight-loss right in its tracks, and how to avoid them

  • The REAL reason for “bad discipline” on diets that actually has nothing to do with your level of willpower. Using this information, anyone can become a “disciplined eater” without changing their personality

  • What metabolism really is and how you can “speed it up” or “slow it down”

  • How to get rid of mid-day energy crashes once and for all so you can have steady energy all day long

  • The real facts about calorie-counting and whether or not it’s actually necessary—most diet gurus alter this information one way or the other in order to sell you on their dubious new dieting theory, but here you’ll get the real facts

  • Sample meal plans and a list of healthy foods to eat, whether you are trying to lose weight or just keep it off and live healthier

  • And much, MUCH more!
Don't spend an exorbitant amount on a nutritionist or personal trainer when all you need to do is read this short book!

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