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BOOK OF THE DAY: Lord of Honor by K. R. Richards

Book 2 in the Lords of Avalon Series
WARNING: This book contains sexual scenes

Through no fault of their own, Avalon Society member, Micah Wychcombe, Viscount Wincanton, and Lady Elizabeth “Libby” Darrington find themselves in a compromising situation. Micah offers for Libby out of gentlemanly duty and honor. 

In another situation involving honor, fellow Avalon Society member, Lyon Ravenscroft, the Earl of Amesbury, must offer for Miss Sophia Hart. 

Meanwhile, the Avalon Society realizes they are once again being pursued by the mysterious brown-coated men who plagued them recently in Glastonbury. It becomes clear the Brown Coats are after their recent finds and acquisitions, the Glastonbury Sapphire, the Holy cruets brought to Glastonbury by Joseph of Arimathea, and five ancient Greek and Aramaic scrolls which were hidden by Glastonbury’s last Abbot, Richard Whiting, before the Abbey was destroyed in 1539.

The Brown Coat numbers increase and their attacks become vicious. Soon, the Avalon Society members realize the leaders of the brown-coated army are anonymous heads of an Order of powerful men in prominent positions.
When their loved ones and families are targeted, the Avalon Society must join forces with the Crown to discover the identities and destroy their enemies. Can they discover the identities of the leaders and stop the Order’s attacks? Will Micah and Libby, and Lyon and Sophia, find happiness in their new circumstances?

The Lords of Avalon series follows the Avalon society members on their quest for ancient secrets hidden in magical Glastonbury and South West England. With a rich cast of unforgettable characters, set against the backdrop of late Regency England, The Lords of Avalon series is an adventurous romp full of danger and romance.

Coming Soon: Book Three, Lords of Retribution in late 2012 and Book Four, Lords of Atonement in early 2013. 

*Book One, Lord of the Abbey, was released in March 2012 and is available on Amazon Kindle now.


K. R. Richards is the Author of the Lords of Avalon Series, an adventurous, sexy, romantic, humorous romp through nineteenth century Glastonbury, Devon and Cornwall, England. Book 1, Lord of the Abbey, Book 2, Lords of Honor and a Lords of Avalon series companion novella, Lord Greyton’s Fall from Grace, along with the newest release, Book 3, Lords of Retribution, are all available on Amazon Kindle.
The Lords of Avalon are members of the Avalon Society, a historical and paranormal society. Did I mention the Lords of Avalon are referred to as the Lusty Lords of Avalon by the Ton? (They are!) K. R. likes to call them Alpha Geeks, because they are scholars who are highly intelligent, but oh so hot and sexy! People ask K. R. all of the time what her series is about. Instead of saying, “Well, it’s complicated,” she generally says, “It’s like Jane Austen meets Indiana Jones.”
Having definite New Age beliefs and being an intuitive medium, K. R. set out to combine her love of the Spiritual realm and mystic studies with her love of history and the Romance genre and the Lords of Avalon series was born.
K. R.’s other interests include reading, history, archaeology, genealogy, Yoga, Pilates, antiques, music and although she has long loved and appreciated photographic art, especially landscape photography, her newest interest is learning more about it. She is an avid and serious collector of crystals, gemstones and minerals.
K. R. currently lives in Mississippi though she calls Arizona home, and plans to someday return to her beloved desert (and her grandkids). She has two wonderful sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and two beautiful grandchildren. She has two cats and two dogs, a Border Collie-mix and a Collie, all rescues.
Coming in early/mid 2014 – the last book of the Lords of Avalon series, Lords of Atonement.

Very good read. Kept me turning pages and I was sorry when there was no book left. Want to try the rest of the series.

Can't wait for another book from this series, excellent writing. You will love it. I could not put it down. A definite page turner.

The whole whole series is very interesting and keeps you reading on. A very spicy historical tale of old. I would read more of this .

What a nice follow-up from the first novel. I have to say, actually bought the first novel by mistake and I got hooked! If you like the feel of fantasy with historical fiction, you will love this series.

Another gripping book by K.R.Richards.I can't wait for the next book. Her discriptions in her stories make me feel I am right there,she does an amazing job weaving her book around history. She does her research! I love the adventure and back stories, it keeps you on your toes.K.R.Richards keeps you interested with her characters,thier mission and discoveries,adventure and of course romance. Keep them coming!

Loved it! I ALWAYS want to know what is happenjng with all the characters and this one delivered. It is all too easy for a romance novel to get caught up in the "heaving bosoms and throbbing manhood" but not this one! There is enough adventure to keep things lively and interesting from first page to the last. 

Lord of the Abbey (Lords of Avalon Series)

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