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BOOK OF THE DAY: Betrayal in the Louvre by H.J. Gaudreau

by H.J. Gaudreau
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BETRAYAL IN THE LOUVRE is the story of a long married couple safely settled into the yearly routine of farming, lesson plans and groceries. Suddenly they are yanked into an international hunt for lost treasure, political power, and paid assassins.

A desperate and doomed, king attempts to save his oldest son, eight year old Louis-Joseph, the last Dauphin of France from the madness of the French Revolution. Two hundred years later, small town farmers Jim and Eve Crenshaw take a family heirloom to Detroit’s version of the Antique Road Show. They are astounded to learn they have one of the four ancient treasures, the Royal Regalia, which empowered the French Kings. The dirty, muddy object from their attic is actually an ivory tube containing a vellum document used to prove the royal lineage of Louis Joseph, first son of King Louis XVI.  

Danger follows deceit as Paul Marcil, deputy director in the French Antiquities section of the Louvre Museum is alerted to the discovery. Marcil is an ambitious member of the Action Française, a murderous and secretive French Monarchist group. 

The hunt draws Jim and Eve to universities in Ann Arbor and Montreal, cherry orchards in northern Michigan, Paris’ Louvre Museum, and the heart of French countryside. Finally, Jim and Eve trail the Regalia to a waiting killer. Then, like the dog that catches the car, once they stop the man what to do about his very large pistol?


HJ Gaudreau grew up on a small, fallow farm in mid-Michigan. His first book “BETRAYAL IN THE LOUVRE” is based upon a series of items used in the coronation of French kings. The book was inspired by his find of his own grandfather’s World War I notebook. His second novel, “THE COLLINGWOOD LEGACY,” was inspired by a visit to Clare, Michigan’s Cops and Donuts Bakery, where several pictures of the Purple Gang decorate the walls. HJ recently completed his third novel: “THE VIRUS CONSIPIRACY”.

HJ graduated from the University of Michigan and immediately joined the Air Force. He retired as a Colonel having lived and worked in Europe and across the United States. He has been a squadron and group commander and served as the Director of Contracting, Tinker Air Logistics Center and Deputy Director, Contracting, Aeronautical Systems Center.    



I love a good suspense novel but the characters have to ring true. Jim and Eve Crenshaw are as real as any set of characters I have ever read. Their strong relationship and comfortable way of communicating with humor, kindness, and love made them a pleasure to get to know. The story drew me in immediately. I loved the way HJ wove the history of the fall of Louis XVI and the French royal family into the plot. Even though you know how their story ends, you are rooting for their young son to survive the revolution. And then you are taken into WWI and the life of a young GI, Jim’s Grandfather, as he struggles to survive in the hell that was the war in France. In an unlikely village, he uncovers a royal treasure that he doesn't recognize but takes back to Michigan where it lays unseen for decades. Jim and Eve find it among old family artifacts and it leads them on an amazing odyssey from Michigan to Montreal to Paris, and finally to that French village and ancient barn where Jim’s grandfather first uncovered this link to the French throne. Plot twist, betrayals and dangerous encounters kept me on the edge of my chair to the climax. Great read – left me wanting more of Jim and Eve and HJ's next book, The Collingwood Legacy, did not disappoint! - AMAZON REVIEW

Did I enjoy this book? Definetly! I purchased the book through Amazon Prime and it was waiting in the mail box when I got home from work on a Tuesday. I finished it Friday morning. The book starts off fast and doesn't let up. A good thing as many books often slow down to the point where the reader looses interest before the action takes off again. Not so here. This book held my interest from beginning to end. - AMAZON REVIEW

Enjoyed the book very much. I like the story line and characters. I first bought it because I have been to the Louve and I always enjoy reading books where I can see in my mind where the scenes take place. - AMAZON REVIEW


THE VIRUS CONSPIRACY: Revenge Comes In Many Forms (A Jim and Eve Murder Thriller Book 3)

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