Thursday, 12 November 2015

FREE BOOK FIND: Long Time Dying - Private Investigator Crime Thriller series by Solomon Carter

FREE to download TODAY is Long Time Dying - Private Investigator Crime Thriller series books 1-3: Long Time Dying 1-3 by Solomon Carter (BARGAIN BOOK in UK , Australia, Canada or India).  Why not grab a copy today?

The first three books of the Long Time Dying series brought together for the first time in this exclusive boxed set collection.

1. Out With A Bang

It's 2011. Eva and Dan agree to help DI Rowntree track down his missing brother. What starts as a simple case becomes into a criminal morass of lust, sleaze and corruption which threatens to lure Dan to wicked temptation and Eva into deadly peril... Will Dan give in to the charms of the wicked diva Anna Eavis? And how can Eva survive the murderous threats ranged against her?

2. One Mile Deep

It's 2012. The precocious and beautiful Miss Zdenka Kruz has escaped a sex-trafficking gang in the North only to wind up in dangerous circles in Essex. Eva Roberts is asked to protect the girl and convince Zdenka not to risk her life.Zdenka has enlisted the help of Eva's old flame James Winstanley. From the moment they meet the trouble really starts... Will Eva give in to her old flame? Is Zdenka safe at the mysterious club Dormammu - a place where anything goes? All is not what it seems and danger lurks behind every door in this heart racing adventure.

3. Long Time Dying

It's 2014, and Dan has resurfaced from the nightmare which ruined his partnership with Eva... just in time to visit the very heart of darkness. Eva is asked by her old boss Devon Parker to help save Dan before it is too late but Eva has long had enough of Dan Bradley's troubles. But just as she is about to walk away, the deadly danger closes in from every angle... on a scale Eva has never ever seen. The darkness is calling. If Eva follows her new life will surely be destroyed. But if she doesn't, Dan's life is over already...

Long Time Dying - Private Investigator Crime Series books 1-3

Thrilling adventures featuring Eva Roberts & Dan Bradley, private detectives
The Long Time Dying Series by Solomon Carter
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