Thursday, 25 February 2016

FREE: Two Heads, Two Spikes by Jason Paul Rice

Treachery and deceit run rampant in the Kingdom of Donegal.

 A high stakes game of life and death erupts in a land of murder and manipulation. A triggering event in northern Donegal sets off a series of events with consequences to be faced around the world. Some seek a throne but most hunt the elusive Pearl of Wisdom for its magical powers and ability to summon dragons.

 The story is told by multiple points of view that sweep you around a realm and beyond. The King’s son, a Queen, a Princess, members of rival families, several knights and a rogue warrior tell the tales of a lost kingdom, omitted from history. Good versus evil can appear transparent or blurred as motivations of revenge and soul inspired redemption entangle in a forgotten world of deception and drama.

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