Friday, 12 February 2016

Premature Evacuation by Rachel Shane

When good girl Mackenzie Shaffer's high school sweetheart prematurely evacuates their relationship, she returns to Throckmorton University for her sophomore year with a fool proof strategy: don't get into another relationship. Embracing her new found freedom, she trades Sprite for exotic shots at a bar, ditches the 3D animation computer lab for fun Rho Sigma parties, and dives headfirst into a no strings attached fling with allergic-to-commitment Corey Taft. Soon their wild tryst spins through campus Bonnie and Clyde-style, leaving a tornado of casualties in its wake that jeopardizes her sorority's standing and evicts him from his housing.

But Corey shoulders the blame for their mistakes, branding him as Public Enemy #1 on campus and rocketing him to the top of the Academic Probation list. To save him from expulsion, Mackenzie must find a way to right her wrongs, earn the forgiveness of her friends, and restore Corey's reputation. All while trying not to fall for him.

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